Explode your 


Find your perfect prospects

Find people who are interested in joining your and building a business


Design a Value Bait together that will draw in your perfect recruits

Open the funnel

Get your perfect prospect into your funnel

VIP Coaching

This 1 on 1 learning opportunity is for...

* those people who are ready to elevate their business

* if you are doing all the "right things" but not seeing the progress

It's time to examine your practices, schedule, goals, and develop a plan for you to start getting the PROGRESS you want.  

Join me for:

3 45-minute sessions 

E-mail support between calls

A link to the recording after the session, including tools, resources or ideas

Clear direction on what to do next in your business and how to create progress

All this for only $100

Group Classes

This class is for...

* learning to build a successful online business selling on social media

* using Facebook to open up a floodgate of new customers and shorten your workday?

Your business is only as strong as your ability to turn those watchers into paying customers.

It’s time to start creating content that your audience will LOVE, while getting clear on the must-have elements of customer conversion!

Join us for one hour, interactive classes, once a week for only $60 a month

Group Question

This class is for...

* getting your questions answered

* brainstorming with someone

* having someone to get ideas from

Ever wish you had someone there to help you with social media, marketing or idea creation? Now YOU DO!!

It's time to stop having to go at this all by yourself, or using you-tube videos and hoping things work. Come get your questions answered, so you can level up your business!

Join us for 4 one hour question classes. You schedule them based on YOUR needs!

For only   $60 a month