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Together we help your business THRIVE


My Story

I started in the Network Marketing business four years ago as a teacher who just needed a side gig.  Two years later, because of Network Marketing,  I was able to quit teaching and move to my dream state.  In the beginning, I remember being stuck and feeling the frustration of just not knowing how to level up.  I took the classes, worked with marketing agencies and learned how to make Facebook work for me so you don't have to! Now I have a Facebook page with 3.5K+ followers and 3.7K+ customer contacts.  I can do the same for you-

I'm here to help your business THRIVE!

We help you


Optimize Your Current Accounts

THRIVE will design ads to maximize your social media accounts and reach.


Campaign Targeting

THRIVE will form a Laser-Focused targeting strategy based on your marketing plan, customer profile & additional research.


Increasing Brand Equity

THRIVE will create a strong social media campaign that has a lasting impact on your brand.

  • Increased Loyalty & Awareness

  • A Sense of Connection

  • Association with Quality & Value

  • Likelihood to Choose Your Brand and Spend More

We do
group classes &
1 on 1

Thrive w/ Me

Work 1 on 1 or in a group setting to make sure your business is focused and
you’ll learn how to THINK like a business owner, how to prioritize, and how to get on the right path to reach your goals.

Together, let's make your business THRIVE  

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